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It all started in 1976 inside a family home before moving to a location on Hillside
Avenue, Queens, New York. The late Sybil Bernard-Kerrutt, a mother and Guyanese
immigrant in New York needed a way to sustain her large family. Drawing on the
rich tradition of baking established by her paternal lineage, the matriarch started
baking Guyanese-style plait and pan bread for friends and others in the
neighborhood. The aptly named, Sybil’s Bakery was born. Soon the entire family
was onboard as the fledging operation quickly grew spawning locations in other
parts of New York and Florida.

Sybil’s Bakery and Restaurant is a pioneer in the
production, sales, and marketing of Guyanese and Caribbean cuisine in the city
of New York.

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Sybil's In the Press

Sweet Smells of Success

At Sybil’s bakery there are sweet black-bean cakes; flaky turnovers stuffed with spicy ground beef or chicken; cheddary cheese rolls with a dash of mustard and hot pepper, or bread with a hint of lemon.

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Open Belly - S2 Finale

In this season’s finale, we had the great pleasure of getting to know Ken Bernard of Sybil’s Bakery in Queens. Ken was born in Guyana and immigrated to NYC as a young child. His mother, a hair dresser by trade, began making …

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Built With Love

Ken Bernard, co-owner of Sybil’s Bakery in Queens, was born in Georgetown, Guyana. His mother, a hairdresser by trade, came to New York City on a visa leaving her nine children behind. Two years later she was able to bring her children to New York, and they began selling Guyanese baked goods…

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