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Caribbean Cuisine

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Sybil’s Bakery and Restaurant is a pioneer in the production, sales, and marketing of Guyanese and Caribbean cuisine in the city of New York.

40 plus years later customers of Sybil’s continue to be welcomed by the sweet intoxicating aroma of freshly baked Guyanese and Caribbean baked goods including, plait and pan bread, tennis rolls, butter flaps (coco bread), white buns, salara (sweetened coconut) cakes, currant rolls and, cassava pone. Pastry products include, pine tarts, guava tarts, cheese rolls, Chinese cakes, and. Guyanese and Jamaican beef and chicken patties.

Sybil’s also offers a delightful array of Guyanese and Caribbean breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Bake and saltfish, tennis roll and cheese, doubles, roti and curry, fried rice, chow mein, pepperpot, fried okra, and sauteed spinach.

Sybils's Opening Hours

Monday : 8am – 9pm

Tuesday: 8am – 9pm

Wednesday: 8am - 9pm

Thursday: 8am – 9pm

Friday: 8am – 9pm

Saturday: 8pm – 9pm

Sunday: 8am - 8pm

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